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H6. Utilities Planning

Program for Civil Engineering, Geography and Urban Planning students

Intelligentsia has been contracted by Hendry County as an adviser for planning Port LaBelle Utilities System (PLUS) development. Building and maintaining appropriate websites is just a part of our assignment, we also prepare technical reports for the County offices, create population and water needs forecast models, develop new water conservation ordinances, coordinate paperwork needed for applying for FDEP and SFWMD permits, help with designs of transmission line and service network for 15,000 households, etc.


Objective of this program assignment is to get you a hands-on experience in above listed items, while actively supporting local community development, utilities management, understanding of needed water management changes and developing new concepts in related policies. Opportunity to cooperate with highly qualified engineers, planners and politicians is an additional bonus in this very challenging practical experience.

List of main tasks:

  • Research technical background of existing drinking and waste water utilities management procedures and systems;
  • Get familiar with local, state and federal legislation to understand law for suggesting own plans and improvements;
  • Research options for expansion of current utilities system within given time frame and budget options;
  • Document improvements for existing utilities system, prepare maps, layouts and other technical support paperwork;
  • Test and calibrate population and water demands forecast computer models;
  • Attend technical coordination meetings with County engineers, planners and politicians;
  • Coordinate new ordinances preparations for theirs adoption.


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I am interested in this project, when do you recruit students for the program?
Our projects run all year round, so you have an opportunity to apply for any period you wish.

Do you provide housing to trainees?
Yes, we provide housing, local transportation and all necessary utilities for our participants. Click here for more answers to FAQ.

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