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G6. Global Warming and Climate Change

Program for Environment, Biology, Science, Education, Engineering and other students

We encourage young people to follow and possibly attend the U.N. Climate Change events in Chile at the end of November 2019. It is such a critical issue to our future that all of us everywhere should be engaged in the global warming and climate change issues.

Intelligentsia got involved in organizing events associated with the upcoming U.N. Chile Climate Change Conference (COP25). Prior the COP25 starts, the U.N. supported "Conference of Youth" (COY15) takes place in late November 2019. Expected are hundreds of students, young professionals as well as some high-class scientists from all over the world, so during the 3 days of presentations, exhibitions, poster sessions, workshops, networking, etc., you might seriously widen your horizons about climate change. In addition, we organize own symposium at Kennedy Space Center (NASA) in parallel to COY15. Getting ready for these events require a lot of preparations and achieving them is the main objective of this important assignment.

Global Warming and Climate Change

Students and young professional with different academic background can help us to get ready, since there are assignment opportunities in a range of disciplines - engineering, education, environmental sciences, marketing, logistics, media and PR, IT systems, fundraising, etc.

List of main tasks:

  • Plan and organize U.S. and international student participation and the COY15 event associated with United Nations 2019 Climate Conference in Chile (COP25);
  • Support the symposium parallel to COY15, organized at Kennedy Space Center (NASA) under the name COY15-Decentralized;
  • Increase public awareness of the Chile Conferences as well as the NASA Symposium objectives, potential and importance;
  • Generate public support for meaningful accomplishments at the Conference and the Symposium;
  • Create and implement media campaigns;
  • Plan tourism activities in Chile for Conference participants as well as in Florida for Symposium participants;
  • Mobilize youth on climate change issues.

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Do I fit the position?
Yes, if you are interested in pursuing environmental management issues, yes if you feel that first hand experience will enhance your career aspirations and provide a solid foundation for your future career and yes, if you want to join a team of professionals and community enthusiasts, struggling to bring changes into environmental issues.

I am interested in this project, when do you recruit students for the program?
Our projects run all year round, so you have an opportunity to apply for any period you wish.

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