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G3. Biofuels Project Management & Reporting

Program for Program for Engineering & Science, Water Management, Environmental Sciences, Business Management, Economics, Journalism, Political & Social Sciences, International Development, Law and other students

The Hendry County Sustainable Biofuels Center addresses the basic science and technology needs of biofuels development. Its management implements standard methods and policies for tasks and deliverables related to research, teaching, and extension missions. However, thanks to its unique new aims, the Center also needs proper management and reporting of its various subprojects.

Biofuels Project Management

The main objective of this practical experience program is to improve management, administration and coordination of issues dealt with within the Hendry County Sustainable Biofuels Center. The Center focus is rather wide, as it includes e.g. specialized technical research on biofuels and food production, educational training, public and political outreach, etc. A future manager, able to coordinate topics from several different technical disciplines is needed for this position. Could it be you?

List of main tasks:

  • Get acquainted with ongoing technical projects within the Hendry County Sustainable Biofuels Research Center;
  • Interact with network of various cooperating project partners (e.g. Edison State College, University of Florida, etc.);
  • Plan meetings, seminars, educational events and other similar activities;
  • Suggest improvements to projects scheduling, reporting, staffing, funding, etc.;
  • Develop newsletters, brochures, leaflets, presentations and similar promotional materials;
  • Learn ways how to handle various administrative and management issues related to the assigned projects;
  • Based on delivered products feedback, improve coordination procedures and document the new findings in project related SOPs and websites.

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