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D8. Political Science Events and Campaigns Management

Program for Political Science, Management, Marketing and other students

For many years Intelligentsia International has been involved in addressing various environmental and social issues, mostly protecting waters, restoring conservation lands, and ensuring a safe, abundant food & water supply for everyone. To make a meaningful impact, it is necessary to have constructive voices heard and science-based solutions implemented. Thus it is necessary to educate voters and candidates, since it matters who’s in office.

Whether you favor the positions of Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians or Independents on issues of the environment, food, water, and other social issues, you can help with addressing fundamental issues that require actions by the political parties and elected officials.

Since Intelligentsia has close ties to leaders in both major political parties as well as the smaller parties, student participants can have the experience of getting involved with these groups and learn how political and environmental organizations operate and how they can interact effectively to promote progress on ecological and social issues. Are you ready to help with a real issue?


List of main tasks: (specific task assignments are tailored to student's area of study)

  • Organize Democratic Environmental Caucus of Florida (DECF) meetings and coordinate their regular rotation among major local communities;
  • Develop internet communications, so others not from local communities can join in remotely;
  • Create, populate and update DECF website;
  • Provide party members and the general public with credible data and resources relating to environmentally sensitive issues (informed opinion, legislative alerts, technical/science expertise, etc.);
  • Monitor local and state legislation and policies that can positively or adversely affect Florida's environment, and alert legislators and the public accordingly;
  • Encourage scientific research and educational criteria for state licensure of any professionals in applied fields relating to the environmental sciences.

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