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D2. Nature Park and Forestry Management

Program for Environment, Biology, Science, Education, Engineering and other students

Having a mission to support environmental education efforts of next generations and thus bring up thoughtful and engaged citizens that will learn to see connections between human activities and condition of nature, Intelligentsia International in cooperation with other community minded and nonprofit organizations developed an idea of creating LaBelle Nature Park and associated educational center.

The Park is designed for all age groups, providing unique opportunity for ideal family outdoor recreational events and also for adding an environmental education component. This helps to increase public understanding of Florida’s natural and cultural resources values.


In addition to all of this, the Park has also a potential to be the site of restoration project to reopen portions of the old river. The current oxbow waterway is open within the Park, but closed (filled with sediments) behind the lots outside the Park. It stresses once again that although water-based recreation is important to Florida’s economy and quality of life, many water bodies are unsuitable for recreational use, due to theirs pollution.

List of main tasks:

  • Research current environmental situation regarding the Park and similar types of recreational areas around southwest Florida;
  • Coordinate community groups participation in the Park maintenance and improvement programs;
  • Design new activities to help the public become more involved and aware of environment issues;
  • Identify and control invasive exotic plants within the Park limits;
  • Design and promote recreational programs (tours, brochures, leaflets, etc.);
  • Support activities related to river oxbow restorations;
  • Document efficiency of newly developed strategies and activities;
  • Create and maintain related websites.

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