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Assignments A: Agro-Ecology Research


Assignments, category H: Water Resources


H2 - Waterway Flow Dynamics and Sediment Transport Modeling

Supporting various projects related to restoration of the Caloosahtchee River oxbows, collecting and incorporating field data and mostly improving computer simulation models of flow and sustainable resuspension of sediments in original and restored river oxbows are main objectives of this program.


H3 - Journalism for Florida Watershed and Environmental Issues

Caloosahatchee River is considered as an example of failing water management, as its changes over the past 100 years were promoted to suit the immediate human priorities. Today's challenge is to develop a vision for the future, which balances human needs as well as natural resources protection.


H4 - River Restoration Research and Planning

Preparing technical and formal parts of Caloosahatchee river oxbows restoration projects (such as dredging for cleaning old oxbows, constructing docks along the river, demarcating nature and kayak trails, terracing river banks land, etc.) are objectives examples of this versatile practical program.


H5 - Village Water Supply (International Development Projects)

Help with the effort to bring clean drinking water to impoverished people in developing nations, raise awareness, improve water sanitation systems, raise funds to support sustainable development projects in cooperation with local and international partners in Asia, Africa and Latin America.


H6 - Utilities Planning

Preparing technical reports for the Hendry County offices, building related websites, creating population and water needs forecast models, developing water conservation ordinances or coordinating paperwork for FDEP and SFWMD permits are few examples of tasks of this challenging practical program.


H7 - Utility Infrastructure Finance and Ordinance Development

Objective of this practical program is to get a hands-on experience in issues related to utility infrastructure management, budget planning and ordinances development. While dealing with the specific local issues, you will also learn typical procedures used in utility infrastructure financing.


H8 - Water Conservation Surveys and Project Implementation

Objective of this challenging program assignment is to prepare technical reports for the Hendry County offices, create population and water needs forecast models, develop new water conservation ordinances, help with designs of water transmission lines and service network for 15,000 households, etc.


H9 - Business Models for Farm Land Ecosystem Services

By adding an ecosystem services components to the agricultural business model in Everglades Restoration Area (EAA), farm lands can serve both restoration and economic goals effectively and efficiently. Main objective of this practical program is to focus on developing such sustainable systems.


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