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Assignments A: Agro-Ecology Research


Assignments, category G: Energy Analysis


G1 - Life Cycle Analysis of Biofuels Production Systems

Main objectives of the practical program in the unique Hendry County Sustainable Biofuels Center are to research existing sugarcane farming systems and analyze sugarcane ethanol life cycle (LCA) from water, energy and carbon perspectives and evaluate its environmental and economical implications.


G2 - Emergy (Embodied Energy) Analysis of Biofuels

Main objectives of the practical program is to assess the sustainability of ethanol production from sugarcane, calculate the needed energy input/output and examine the environmental feasibility of a large-scale production through the use of embodied energy (emergy) analysis and assessment.


G3 - Biofuels Project Management & Reporting

Main objective of this practical experience program is to improve management, administration and coordination of issues dealt with within the Hendry County Sustainable Biofuels Center. A future manager, able to coordinate topics from several different technical disciplines is needed here.


G4 - Biofuels Youth Programs

Developing the Agriscience Career Academy within the Hendry County Sustainable Biofuels Center is main objective of this practical program. It should teach a new generation of students ways to find systems of food and fuel production that is sustainable and compatible with ecosystem protection.


G5 - Participant Carbon Footprint

Performing a systems analysis of the Intelligentsia program, determining the internal and external resource implications of a participant's program in Florida for varying durations (2 to 24 months) for participants coming from various locations (Europe, Asia, Africa, etc.) by first cataloging the Intelligentsia program and resources consumption and then applying one or more of the analysis techniques (carbon footprint, water footprint, LCA, emergy, etc.) is main objective of this program.

G6_global warming

G6 - Global Warming and Climate Change

Organizing American and international university students for symposium in Bonn as part of the UN Climate Change Conference in Nov 2017 (COP23 and COY13), analyzing national climate change mitigation policies, mobilizing youth on climate change issues and similar tasks are main objectives of this important assignment.


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