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Assignments A: Agro-Ecology Research


Assignments, category F: Research and Administration


F1 - Grant Writing for Research and Education Projects

Are you interested in issues related to education, international development, water management, global warming? Becoming familiar with grant proposals writing methods and communicating the proposed ideas to local and international community are main objectives of this practical experience program.


F2 - Scientific Reports Editing

We have a backlog of scientific reports and technical journal articles that require completion and editing prior being publicly released. Becoming skilled with the main reporting and editing methods to produce scientifically publishable technical reports is main objective of this practical program.


F3 - Project Administration

We closely cooperate with several pro- and non-profit organizations, government bodies and educational institutions. Proper management and coordination are thus crucial in keeping projects running. To experience tasks planning and personnel coordinating are main objectives of this practical program.


F4 - Fiscal Administration

Developing skills needed for managing various finance oriented software packages, understanding organizational tax reporting duties, getting familiar with options for collecting and disbursing organizations funds or learning insurance related issues are main objectives of this practical program.


F5 - Promotion and Marketing of Educational Programs

Help us to promote educational programs related to international development, water management, global warming, environment or even non-governmental organizations. Grab this opportunity to apply your academic training to real world challenges, where you can lead the effort through all its stages.


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