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Assignments A: Agro-Ecology Research


Assignments, category D: Other


D2 - Nature Park and Forestry Management

Objective of this program is to influence various environmental policies, in order to bring positive changes to related issues. Advocating new, environment friendly approaches is a challenging task, as needed long term political decisions often don't match short term vision of decision makers.


D3 - Carbon Capture Advocacy

The LaBelle Park is currently used (among its other functions) as a field trip destination for Hendry County K-12 classes. Researching existing curriculum structures and incorporating the Park related educational activities into the lessons plans are main objectives of this practical program.


D5 - Water Resources in Developing Nations

Main objectives of this practical experience program are managing fundraising activities and various business arrangements for graduate students groups and educational non-profit organizations as well as developing and implementing new strategies for boosting theirs fundraising activities.


D8 - Political Science Events and Campaigns Management

Main objectives of this practical experience program is to help the voice of environmental issues being heard in the political arena. Regardless of your political party preferences, local and state legislation and policies related to environmental issues need to be monitored and acted accordingly upon.


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